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From EPFL university in Switzerland,and the Convenor of JPEG standardization Committee.
Towards a New Standard for Plenoptic Image Compression


Sharif University of Technology,Iran
Image Processing Lab.

3D Computer Vision and its Applications


Recent developments in image and video processing along with availability of low cost cameras had led to “3D Computer Vision” techniques. It is a challenging task for newly developing applications and requires dealing with algebraic and geometrical concepts as well as the image and video processing knowledge. It employs the epipolar geometry and the related optimization techniques to compute the camera internal and external parameters in order to achieve the fundamental,essential,and homography transforms among different frames that have been simultaneously captured by multiple cameras. The main applications of 3D computer vision include: 3D scene analysis, 4D pose estimation,4D object tracking,3D model building,4D human action recognition,virtual reality,semantic scene understanding,4D SLAM,multicamera video superresolution,and so forth. In this talk,I will give a brief introduction on 3D computer vision and its various applications.